Events 2023


Yuyutsu Sharma’s 2023 Tour

Monday November 20, 12: 30 pm, Yuyutsu Sharma reading at Women’s Club  of Redondo Beach, 400 S Broadway, Redondo Beach, 90277 CA

Saturday, November 18, the launch and readings from Pratik’s Noir Issue at Chevalier Bookstore 133 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004 Host: Chevalier Bookstore

Tuesday, November 16, 5 pm-8 pm, Yuyutsu Sharma reading with Tony Barnston and Suzanne Lummis at the formal launch of Pratik’s Noir Issue at Whittier College, 13406 E, Philadelphia St, Whittier, CA 90602 Host: Tony Barnstone

Saturday, Nov 14, 5 pm-8 pm, Yuyutsu Sharma Reading at Fairleigh Dickinson and the Screening of “I see my world shaking’ short film based on a Yuyutsu poem by Stephan Bokas at School of Arts, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey

Monday, 30 Oct, Yuyutsu Sharma Guest Lecture at Liberal Studies, NYU. 726, Broadway, New York Host: Tim Tomlinson

Saturday, Oct 28, 5 pm-8 pm, Yuyutsu Sharma reading  Marguerite Maria Rivas, Staten Island Poet Laureate, Tim Tomlinson and Ravi Shankar at ETG Bookstore, Staten Island Host: ETG Bookstore

Sunday Oct 17, 2023 5.30 pm Yuyutsu Sharma Art of Literary Translation: Master Class at NYU Spanish Department. Host: Mariela Dreyfus

Sunday Oct 12, 2023, 3 pm Yuyutsu Sharma at Round Table on Poetry and Artificial Intelligence reading, The Americas Poetry festival of New YorkCity College, 25 Broadway, New York

Sunday Oct 12, 2023, 4 pm Yuyutsu Sharma at Round Table Poetry Reading at The Americas Poetry festival of New York, City College, 25 Broadway. Host: The Americas Poetry Festival of New York

Sunday Oct 12, 2023, 4 pm Yuyutsu Sharma at Multilingual Poetry reading at the Consulate General and Promotion Centre of Argentine Republic in New York, for The Americas Poetry festival of New York12 W 56TH St. New York Host: Argentine Republic in New York

Thursday Oct 5, 2023 7 pm Grantwood Poetry reading with Tim Tomlinson at 207 Edgewater, Cliffside Park, New Jersey Hosts: Raymond Turco and John Barrale.

Tuesday Sept 14, 2023, 4-6 pm Magical Poetry from the HimalayasCelebrations and poetry with Yuyutsu Sharma & Annie Finch 40 Loisaida Ave, St. Francis Kites Club, East Village, New York


The Americas Poetry Festival of New York

Book Launch

Lost Horoscope & Other New Poems