“Yuyutsu Sharma”

"World renowned Himalayan poet”   

—The Guardian



“Yuyutsu Sharma”

Author of eleven poetry collections, most recently, Lost Horoscope & Other Newer Poems, Yuyutsu has read his works at several prestigious places and held...


“Yuyutsu Sharma”

Himalayan Poet
and editor,
Pratik: A Magazine of Contemporary Writing


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Yuyutsu Sharma

Named as “The world-renowned Himalayan poet,” (The Guardian) “One-Man Academy” (The Kathmandu Post) and “Himalayan Neruda” (Mike Graves), Yuyutsu is a vibrant force on the world poetry stage. He is also recipient of fellowships and grants from The Rockefeller Foundation, Ireland Literature Exchange, Trubar Foundation, Slovenia, The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature and The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature.


Critical Acclaim


World renowned Himalayan poet”

The Guardian

Yuyutsu Sharma is a uniquely gifted poet, critic, and translator. He travels the world teaching, reading, writing at a long list of universities. He is a United Nation of poetry with absolute integrity and honesty. The great poets W.H. Auden and William Carlos Williams would applaud him. If the Lord were in the audience or classroom, he would applaud too. If you read “The Offer” and ‘You are a New Yorker” you will see his range that includes England, France, 42nd Street, the Netherlands, and Spain, the homeless stops of the imagination. He walks through water and weeds in the rivers Ganges, the Tiber, the Yangtze, and Hudson. All these rivers are part of his bloodstream. (Somehow people manage to swim and drown in his bloodstream). He doesn’t forget the Amazon or the Mississippi or the everyday steam of the black tea pot. There is a faint sweetish smell of a temple in Nepal on everything he writes. There are wild exchanges of words and ideas that abide with him. When I say hello to him, I sing the hymn, Abide with Me.

Stanley Moss, American poet and editor, Sheep Meadow Press

“Yuyutsu Sharma is one of the finest poets on Planet earth.”

Sean Thomas Dougherty, Erie, Pa

The ‘blinding snows of the Annapurnas ridge’ inspire a poetry that confronts natural magnificence with exuberant humanity. Yuyutsu R D Sharma’s generous vision embraces not only the landscape and its people but the lesser fauna, like the pigeons that speak ‘a kind of hushed speech that robbers might use’ and the mules on the Tibetan salt route, exhausted and bow-legged from hauling ‘cartons of Iceberg, mineral water bottles,/ solar heaters, Chinese tiles, tin cans…’ These vividly colored, muscular and energetic poems have an atmosphere of freshness, as though the snow itself had rinsed and brightened them. Like the ‘waterfall beds that/ smelled of the birth of fresh fish’, they have the tangy, dust-free odor of language born of lived experience.”

—Carol Rumens, British Poet & Writer of The Guardian’s Weekly Column, “Poem of the Week”